We are happy you chose to visit this site. The image above is Córdoba, Spain where I live with my wife and collaborator, Ann, and my books: books that I write; books that we read for edification and pleasure; and books that I use for reference and research. Books“R”Us.

The purpose of this site is to give information about my books and their author.  Posts to the Blog are made sporadically and will sometimes contain excerpts from one of the books on this site.

God has used the circumstances of where we have lived to provide time for me to write while not neglecting my missionary calling. We lived in Aberdeen, Scotland for five years where it was cold all the time and most of the time it was snowing or raining and not conducive for leaving home unless you had to. We have lived in Córdoba for over five  years where it is extremely hot in the summer and people that have not left town stay indoors to avoid the heat. Year round the stores and offices close and people go home from 2 PM to 5 PM. That provides three hours every day when people are not available that can be used for writing. Not being one who can do nothing, I have taken advantage of these times to write what you see on this site.

You are welcome to leave a comment on any page. Your email address will not be used unless I reply personally to your comment.

Back in the 1980s I went to a seminar by the motivational speaker Charles “Tremendous” Jones. His mantra was, “Remember, you are the same today as you’ll be five years from now, except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read. Choose both carefully.” I hope to be the kind of person that writes the kind of books that will influence people for good and for God.


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