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Welcome to my website where you can read about my writing endeavors. This photo I took a few years ago features La Mezquita, the top tourist attraction in Córdoba, Spain where I live with my wife and collaborator, Ann.

Córdoba is a very historical city founded in 152 BC by the Romans. In 711 Córdoba fell to the Muslim invaders and soon became the Islamic capital on the Iberian Peninsula. La Mezquita, a mosque (then second in size only to the one in Mecca) was started in 784 AD. Córdoba’s heyday came under Abd ar-Rahman III (912–61), who in 929 named himself caliph to set the seal on Al-Andalus’ independence of the Abbasid caliphs in Baghdad. Córdoba was then the biggest city in Western Europe (estimated population of 500,000) and it had dazzling mosques, libraries, observatories and aqueducts, a university, and highly skilled artisans in leather, metal, textiles and glazed tiles. During the process known as the Spanish Reconquista, Córdoba was captured by King Ferdinand III of Castile in 1236, after which the mosque was converted into a large Catholic cathedral and the city declined, especially after Renaissance times. Córdoba’s intellectual traditions, however, lived on. Twelfth-century Córdoba produced two of the most celebrated of all Al-Andalus’ scholars: the Muslim Averroës (Ibn Rushd) and the Jewish Maimonides, polymaths best remembered for their philosophical efforts to harmonize religious faith with reason. In the 18th century Córdoba was reduced to just 20,000 inhabitants. Today, it is back up to over 300,000 inhabitants and is celebrating and marketing its multi-cultural history.

My wife and I came here as Christian missionaries which requires contact with the people. However, it is extremely hot here in the summer and most people leave the city or stay indoors. Year round the stores and offices close and people go home to rest from 2 PM to 5 PM every day. This affords me time to write. Browsing this site will show you what I have written, what I am writing, and what I hope to write.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

“…of making many books there is no end…” Ecclesiastes 12:12